Janos Varga is a representative of the hungarian music life. His career as a musician started in the early 70's with different amateur bands. From '73 he has been a member of the Angyalok blues-rock band and the Vági-Ék free jazz band. These bands have brought him to Poland on a tour in university clubs, later on another tour in '75 he performed on the Jazz Nad Odra festival as well.

After returning home, in that year he formed the band East with the drummer Istvan Kiraly and the bass player Peter Moczan. Their music combined the Indian and Arab folk music with the rhythm of jazz and rock enriched with excellent improvisations and polyrhythm.

In the first 5 years the band has been a constant performer of the university and urban jazz clubs with their guests, who have been the leader soloist of the Hungarian jazz music (Bela Szakcsi Lakatos, Csaba Deseo, Gusztav Csík, Janos Nemeth). In 1980 the band transformed and started to turn to the progressive rock and added a vocalist and a constant keyboard player.

The first album in '81 has been released under the name Játékok, which in English - thanks to the Japanese King Records label - reached the progressive rock fans in various parts of the world. After another 4 albums Janos Varga left the band in '87 in order to start his solo career.

His extremely enriched career produced several different music contributions.

As a songwriter he took part of East and Crack Orchestra albums, composed ballet (Az áldozat - The Victim), created avant-garde music group (Art Reaktor), and the German Sonoton Music Library still has his records in its data base. He issued an album with an international group (Energy Project), he contributed to several records as a member or guest (Hobo Blues Band albums, Gitárpárbaj, Meeting Point), made music for visual compositions and media programmes (Magyar Millennium, Kossuth Klub, Közéleti Ütköző, Összkép, etc.). He contributed to the success of dozens of commercials’ music as a writer or author team member. On the request of director/camera-man Tamas Ardai he composed music for several commercials, of which two  won the Oscar (Telly Awards) in the commercial music category in the United States.

His recent formation is the Janos Varga Project that released The Wings of Revelation I. (2000), The Wings of Revelation II. (2002) CDs and The Wings of Revelation Live DVD, which has been recorded in the Petófi Csarnok. His latest release is the Elixir (2009), which combines different types of folk music - Hungarian, Indian, Arab, Gypsy - with the world of art-rock.