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The wing of revelation I. and  II.

Janos Varga Project

This music has no musical or geographic barriers; it links India to Europe, the spheric music to the blues and has the effect on its listener like an elixir. Janos Varga is a one-of-its-kind musician whose early, East band, guitar style has already had the sort of tune and rhythm that is known as world music nowadays.

After the Wings of Revelation I. and II. Janos Varga returned with an astonishing album. Summing up his works in music and style the art rock, the jazz, the cool rock and the world music are being mixed with brilliant orchestration, tight rhythms, amazing melodies and virtuoso instruments, which results his latest album: ELIXIR.

During concerts we can listen to Elixir’s masterpieces as well as to the most memorable songs from the first East album called Jatekok. The English version of Jatekok got to the furthest progressive-rock fans thanks to the Japanese King Records. Besides Janos Varga the band includes Luca Kezdy on violin, Istvan Kiraly on drums (ex-East), Oscar Hansson on bass guitar and Zsolt Nagy on keyboards and Tsoukalas Hristos on Darbuka. Special guests make the concerts more exciting. Jamie Winchester sings the old East songs.

The band had concerts on the summer festivals of Pecs and Szeged, on the international Gastro Blues festival at Paks, in the Petőfi Csarnok and on the A38 Concert boat. Performances have also been held in Slovenia, Belgium, and on the Progressive Rock Festival in France.

A38 2010. Far Away With The Clouds (East) - feat Jamie Winchester

Zen aid for Japan - Syma Hall 2011.  India - Elixir album

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GastroBlues Fest, Paks 2011.  Respect for the Master - Elixir album

With heart and soul - Janos Varga 60. NEW double LIVE CD

Janos Varga Project's latest double concert CD titled With heart and soul is out now. The material has been recorded during Janos Varga's 60th birthday concert at MOM cultural center. The specialty of the CDs is that this is the first release of the Janos Varga Project together with Luca Kézdy and the Sturcz Quartet.

It gives a full overview with a selection from the past 17 years that is a true caviar to instrumental music lovers. The tracks of the double CD have been selected from the recorded material of the two and a half hour concert giving us the chance to relive the unforgettable moments of that incredible performance. The photos of the release will bring us into the venue; the ones who could and also the ones who could not be present at the concert. Sponsored by NKA.

Audio parts from the Janos Varga Project  ELIXÍR CD



My dream come true

MOM 2015. Our long dance - Acoustic  - With heart and soul - concert album